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Voted the Best Italian ​Wine Importer in Hong Kong



Piemonte Wine Dinner at Cipriani

A Wine Dinner Worth All the Wait Like A Fine Barolo...

28 April, 2022

經歷一波三折的Cipriani 皮埃蒙特 Wine Dinner 終於在昨晚成功舉辦, 非常感謝一眾酒友出席支持, 一同享受精心配搭的皮埃蒙特酒款及Cipriani精湛的菜式! 昨晚最令到酒友眼前一亮的, 就當然是皮埃蒙特當地人最常飲用的餐酒 Dolcetto! 在意大利文中解作「小甜蜜」的Dolcetto, 在酒杯中散發出花香, 成熟的黑果及紅果果香, 但入口時單寧明顯及帶出獨有的苦澀感, 令人一杯接一杯暢飲之餘, 更非常適合配搭皮埃蒙特傳統料理 Vitello tonnato!

而昨晚Wine Dinner主角就當然少不了皮埃蒙特的酒王Barolo與酒后Barbaresco - 不少酒友盛讚La Ganghija酒莊的Barbaresco 2017 酒體柔中帶剛, Nebbiolo的豐富花果芳香及木桶帶出的雲呢拿香氣十分平衡; 而Virna Borgogno酒莊的Barolo di Barolo 2014 則酒香濃烈奔放, 展現極好的陳年魅力! 

Our long-waited Cipriani Piemonte Wine Dinner was finally finished last night, thanks to all wine-lovers joining us to enjoy the well-paired Piemontese wines and excellent cuisine at Cipriani! The most charming wine goes to the well-appreciated Dolcetto, the most common food-pairing wine in Piedmont! 'Little sweet one' in Italian, it expresses floral fragance, ripe black and red fruit, along with expressive tannin and signature bitterness, making it paired amazingly with Piedmont's traditional cuisine Vitello tonnato!

The main characters of last night went to 'King of Wines' and 'Queen of Wines' - Barolo and Barbaresco! Many guests praised La Ganghija Barbaresco 2017 for its well-balanced vanila oaky note and Nebbiolo's rich floral and fruity scents, elegant yet powerful! Virna Borgogno Barolo di Barolo 2014 is still vibrant and fresh, showing great aging potential! 

5 Wines for 5 Samurai Teppanyaki Lunch

Perfect Match, Perfect Meal

12 February 2022

日式鐵板燒除了可以配搭清酒之外, 葡萄酒亦十分適合! VVA為五武士鐵板燒午餐中剛好挑選了五款葡萄酒! 來自英國東南部West Sussex的Stopham酒莊, 作為餐前酒的英國傳統法氣泡酒震驚全場, 配搭北海道真鱈魚的Pinot Gris白酒驚艷亮麗! 無論薄或厚燒的鐵板牛都跟意大利薩丁島酒莊Tenute Olbios的Colli del Limbara Rosso "Nessuno"絕佩, 並帶出紅酒濃郁紅果及黑果果香, 亦有森林般的清新木香; 師傅在炒飯的時候,大家比鄰座活活的鮑魚吸引,決定「加餸」並即場選了意大利氣泡酒Andreola Verv Prosecco, 清新的酸度能帶出鮑魚的鮮味! 最後意大利東南部的Puglia, 來自酒莊I Pàstini的Minutolo甜酒有着獨特礦物氣息及均衡的花香, 非常適合配搭甜度十足的日本水果!

Want something new for pairing with Teppanyaki? Our Teppanyaki Lunch at 5 Samurai went perfectly with 5 wines! For aperitivo and Madara fish, English Sparkling and Pinot Gris from the winery Stopham in West Sussex showed the stunning potential of English wines! To pair with Teppanyaki beef, Tenute Olbios Colli del Limbara Rosso "Nessuno" from Sardinia is perfect, thanks to its expressive aromas of black and red fruits, so as woods and forest! As the Teppanyaki Master was cooking our fried rice, we were tempted to try the live abalone served to the next table! We chose Andreola Verv prosecco, a lively and vital sparkling! Our Teppanyaki wine lunch sweetly ends with a Minutolo Passito from I Pàstini winery in Puglia, showing exceptional minerality and floral aromas and going well with sweet and fresh Japanese fruit!

CHUECA - Spanish Wine Dinner

A Spanish Night-out in Central

7 December 2021

It was full of Spanish vibes last night at CHUECA! VVA Team hosted a semi-outdoor wine dinner at the newly-opened CHUECA in Central, enjoying various Tapas and a wide selection of Spanish wines with our guests under a relaxing atmosphere! A Cava is surely a must for kicking start our Spanish night-out, and to pair with the Tapas, an aromatic white wine of tropical fruits aromas and a medium-bodied old vine red wine from Montsant Mountain will be the perfect choices! Moving onto main course, Rib Eyes and Lobster Rice were mouth-watering and savoury, and what can pair better with 2 excellent red wines of decent acidity and round tannin, along with aromas of spices, walnuts and ripe fruits, despite the difference in grape varieties and blendings! Lastly, a fortified sweet red wine of Garnacha and a Vermut to pair with the amazing-looking cheesecake and flan! 

VVA is honoured to have Mr Jürgen Wagner, winemaker and export manager of Celler de Capçanes to tell our guests more about each wine and the process behind making Kosher wines! 

Vino Condiviso Bollicine at PaperMoon

Loud Pops, Flying Corks and Bubbles!

4 December 2021

Loud pops, bubbles and blue sky(or perhaps, flying corks from sabrage and some very active bottles...) can best describe this wonderful day in Vino Condiviso Bollicine at Paper Moon! Our hugest thank to the Vino Condiviso Team for their helpful assistance, and passionate, knowledgeable introduction on the wines! And what can express festive vibes better than sabrages!

With a wide selection of Italian Sparkling Wines presented at the event, one cannot imagine how fascinating Italian wines can be, from a delicate Prosecco superiore from single vineyard (Rive), to a rare Sardinian Metodo Classico spumante that can go extremely well with seafood! All sparkling wines express their characters and delicacies, captivating the hearts of wine-lovers and surely showing great potential to surprise your friends at upcoming Xmas or New Year parties! 

Sicilian Wines With Mediterranean Seafood

Prepared by Mysterious Chef at a Secret Place...

1 December 2021

A Sicilian Wine Dinner at Test Kitchen

Huge thanks to Test Kitchen and its passionate, helpful team to make this wonderful Sicily-themed wine dinner run smoothly! With the amazing seafood prepared by the mysterious master chef, our guests all enjoyed themselves with the fantastic Sicilian wines selected by VVA Team, packing with plenty of Sicilian sunshine and minerality from the volcanic soil of Mount Etna to elevate the delicacy of the dishes...

Tenute Olbios Sardegna Wine Dinner in CIAK In The Kitchen

In Awe of Wonderful Wines from Sardinia...

27 October 2021

A wonderful wine dinner at CIAK In The Kitchen with themes of Sardinia and Tenute Olbios! All wines picked to pair with the impressive cuisine are from Tenute Olbios, showing the great potential and versatility of Vermentino (from sparkling to Sherry-style dry white wine)! Sardinia is no doubt a region soon to be recognized for its amazing red and white reds!

Needless to say, the 2 Sardegna Reds are also impressive with enchanting floral, fruity aromas, pleasing your palate with smooth tannin and balanced acidity! They were even more amazing when paired with homemade Tagliatelle with Lamb Ragout and Braised Pork Cheek!

VVA Team is also honoured to have Ms Chiara - Exporting Manager of Tenute Olbios to have a ZOOM Meeting with us, letting our impressed guests know more about the winery and their Vegan-friendly wines!

Vino Condiviso - Campania & Basilicata

A Time for Falanghina & Aglianico del Taburno to Shine!

23 October 2021

VVA Team is delighted to showcase wines from the Campanian winery Ocone Vini during the Vino Condiviso - Campania & Basilicata in the wonderful pizza lounge Gustaci! What can pair more perfectly with Neapolitan Pizza, than red wines made from Aglianico - the Barolo of South! And for pairing with a savoury Parmigiana di Melanzane, a refreshing and aromatic Falanghina is almost irresistible!

With a great passion for Italian wines, we have enjoyed letting the guests of the event discover the marvellousness of Aglianico del Taburno! Both the Pezza La Corte and Anastasi really captured the hearts of wine lovers, as they both show delicate and unique styles, showing the great potential of Aglianico del Taburno!

Our participating wines of the event:

  1. Diana Taburno Falanghina Sannio DOC 2019
  2. Apollo Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2017
  3. Pezza La Corte Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2014
  4. Anastasi Aglianico del Taburno DOCG 2017

Check out our last post to purchase these wines and enjoy them at home over many slices of pizza!

ENCORE! Italian Taiwanese Wine Dinner at Tchin Tchin

Another amazing pairing between Italian wines and Taiwanese cuisine...

28 September 2021

Another fabulous wine dinner at Tchin Tchin! The Taiwanese cuisine, from squid balls to pork sausage, so as the 90 days dry-aged Rubia T-bone steak, was amazing when paired with our proudly selected Italian wines from North to South of Italy! Our guests could compare 2 Rose Sparkling Wines from Italy to kick start our wine journey, then 2 Friulano white wines from Friuli to experience the uniqueness of the grape variety Friulano! To enjoy the Taiwanese snack platter and T-bone steak, our guests could pair them with an aromatic and concentrated Primitivo wine, or with full-bodied, impressive Cabernet – Sangiovese blend from Tuscany! 

The sublime atmosphere of Tchin Tchin, delicious cuisine, and enchanting Italian wines, have combined together to bring an amazing experience for our guests! 

Wine List of the Night

  1. Andreola  Vino Spumante  Rose "Bolle" Cuvee Extra Dry
  2. Antica Fratta Franciacorta 'Essence' Rose DOCG 2015
  3. Borgo del Tiglio Collio DOC 2019
  4. Borgo del Tiglio Collio Friulano 2019
  5. I Pastini Primitivo 'Arpago' IGP 2918
  6. Castello di Bossi Corbaia 2016
  7. Castello di Bossi IGT Vin Santo Laurentino 2007

South Italian Wines X Steak Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House 

A New Combination Between Classic and Adventure...

8 September 2021

From Greco in Lazio to Minutolo in Puglia, from Nero Buono in Lazio to Tintilia del Molise in Molise, both the white and red wines of Wine X Steak Dinner  have certainly left our guests in awe!

VVA Team never ceases to impress our guests with unheard indigenous grape varieties from different regions of Italy, and during our Wine Dinner at Ruth's Chris Steak House,  our guests were certainly impressed by the classic combinations between wine and seafood, and most importantly, a sizzling steak! 

However, VVA Team brought in new component into such classic combination by pairing the amazing dishes with wines coming from Molise, Lazio and Puglia, where wines are mainly made from local grape varieties that captured the hearts of Italian Wines lovers! 

Wine List of the Night

  1. Antica Fratta Franciacorta 'Quintessence' Riserve Extra Brut DOCG Vintage 2009
  2. Cincinnato Greco 'Pantaleo' IGT Lazio 2019

  3.  I Pastini Minutolo 'Rampone' IGP 2020

  4. Cianfagna Tintilia del Molise 'Sator' DOC 2015

  5. Cincinnato Nero Buono 'Ercole' IGT Lazio 2017

  6. I Pastini Minutolo Passito 'Elogio alla Lentezza' IGP 2017

VinoVeritas Asia Limited's First Time in International Wine & Spirits Fair!

12-16 August 2021

Tired as we may look, we are very grateful for your support throughout the fair, and absolutely delighted to see more people willing to try out Italian wines, or those from regions that are seldom heard of! 

Tenute Olbios Vermentino di Gallura Sup. "Lupus in Fabula" DOCG 2019 has also been selected as our representing wine in the special event - 'Chit Chat on Wine & Food Pairing with CC' during the International Wine & Spirits Fair (Special Edition). After the event, the wine was sought after by many customers! We are glad that more people are interested in Vegan wine, so as the wines from Sardinia and Italy. 

If you missed the chance to buy (or more) our wines from Italy and other countries, you can make well use of our E-commerce function to purchase wines you like! But if you have purchased wines from our booth, you are welcome to contact us directly to receive a special discount! 

Contact Us

Italian Taiwanese Wine Dinner at Tchin Tchin

When Italian Wines Meet Taiwanese Cuisine...

10 August 2021

A night with many welcoming surprises: additional wines from the friendly and passionate owner, amazingly cooked food, cheese and cake, so as a "wrong" wine (when you mixed up BOLLE Rose with BOLLE Bianco...but both are still so marvellous!)

A small cosy dinner was successfully held, and we are sure both the wines and dishes paired greatly together, with different styles to be tasted and admired!

Wine List of the Night

  1. Andreola  Vino Spumante "Bolle" Cuvee Extra Dry
  2. La Monacesca Verdicchio di Matelica DOC 2019
  3. La Monacesca  Verdicchio Matelica Terra di Mezzo 2015
  4. Castello di Bossi IGT Toscana 'Girolamo' 2016
  5. Renieri Syrah Regina di Renieri IGT 2016 
  6. Castello di Bossi IGT Vin Santo Laurentino 2007

A Wine Trip to Piedmont at TABLE

When Char Siu meets Barolo...

27 July 2021

An amazing wine trip to Piedmont! VVA is proud to take this chance to organize a wonderful wine dinner at TABLE in Sheung Wan, pairing Piemonte wines with excellent dishes prepared by Chef Sandy Keung. Langhe Chardonnay with Crab Roe, Barolo with Char Siu, these pairings are certainly breathtaking, leaving everlasting impressions to all participants! 

Want to join us in wine dinner, stay tuned to our promotion! You can also order the following wines to bring yourself back to Piedmont, or to try out how well Barolo can go with a nicely roasted Char Siu! 

Wine List of the Night

  1. La Ganghija, Langhe DOC Chardonnay 2020
  2. La Ganghija, Barbaresco Giacosa 2017

  3. Virna, ‘I Dolcetto D’ Alba DOC 2019
  4. Virna, Barolo di Barolo DOCG 2014

  5. Negretti Barolo 2016


An Amazing Wine Trip to Beautiful Sicilia and Stunning Mount Etna! 

26 June 2021

VVA team was grateful to be able to share some of our fantastic Sicilian wines with many wine-lovers last Saturday, enjoying the authentic Sicilian cuisine and wines in Gaia Ristorante!

Our wines were quite sought after by participants:

14A: Graci Etna Rosso 2018

Representing the stunning Mount Etna, this Etna Rosso is signature for its refreshing palate of red fruits and smooth tannins, so as the long mineral final

14B: Mandrarossa Timperosse Petit Verdot IGT 2019

An easy-drinking red wine made from the rare grape variety - Petit Verdot, full of berries and mints!

14C: Mandrarossa Passito di Pantelleria Serapias DOC 2019

Golden-yellow, tempting aromas of roses, jasmine and apricots, full and round to the palate with the sweetness of cooked pears!

Want to experience a wine trip to Sicily? Order from our website and enjoy these outstanding Sicilian wines at home! Click on the wine names to see details and purchase them now! 


Former VinoVeritas Asia Limited Managing Director - Francesco Marchio was awarded with the title of Italian Wine Expert. 

09 November 2018

Vinitaly International Academy (VIA) inaugurated seven new Italian Wine Ambassadors and another two Italian Wine Experts, the highest certification of proficiency in Italian wine awarded by VIA, after a four-day intensive course in Hong Kong prior to the Hong Kong International Wine and Spirits Fair. 

For more, click on the photo.....

VinoVeritas Dinner with Michael Palij the Master of Wine

18 January 2018

Summoning connotations of a Mediterranean sky, aromas of fresh herbs, olive oil and great flavoursome food and wine, "Paper Moon" fulfilled all expectations and more as an outstanding venue. Where better for Vinoveritas to show off a great selection of wines and spend time with our Master of Wine Michael Palij. In Milan in 1977 Pio Galligani and his wife Enrica Del Rosso opened the doors to the first restaurant 'Paper Moon' and the rest is history!

For more click on the photo.....

Spirito DiVino

It is great to not only win awards for our amazing wines but also to read about them. We hope you enjoy the article with a glass of the winning wine to celebrate with us. The three importers acknowledged with awards for their efforts were Francesco Marchio of VinoVeritas Asia Limited, Hervé Leroux from Sino Vantage Asia and Michele Volpato from Cheese Meets Wine.

For more, click on the photo......

A celebration of Italian Wine in Hong Kong

On the 8th November 2017, we were invited by the Italian Consulate for a Gala Dinner arranged for the traders specializing in Italian Wines in Hong Kong. As a guest, we enjoyed a five-course menu with an amazing selection of wines matched to the food. We were honoured to be asked to supply the welcome drink for all 240 guests and chose our fantastic Andreola, Prosecco di Valdobbiadene '26 Primo' Brute DOCG. During the meal we enjoyed I Pastini, Minutolo 'Rampone' IGP 2015 for our white selection and two red wines, Antonio Vallana, Gattinara DOCG 2007 and Castello di Bossi, Chianti Classico Riserva 'Berardo' DOCG 2012.

We are delighted to announce VinoVeritas Asia Limited was chosen as the winner for 'The Vinitaly International Award for the most outstanding Italian Wine Importer in Hong Kong'.

WINNER of “Best House Red Wine of The Show”

Great news at this year edition of R&B Show 2017, during the Best House Wine Awards, our I Pastini Versosud Susumaniello 2013 won two awards: Champion “RED Wine Old World” and “Best House Red Wine of the Show”. An amazing result for such unique Italian wine, made of 100% susumaniello,  an unexplored Italian grape variety!