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Voted the Best Italian ​Wine Importer in Hong Kong


Food & Wine Accessories

Celler de Capçanes Mas Donis Olive Oil  VEGAN

Tasting Note: 

The same day of the picking the olives are taken to the mill, where the leaves and other scraps are separated, the olives are washed and grinded using a hammer mill. After it macerated for 1.5hr in a low temperature and the solid part and the liquid is separated. The liquid is put into a centrifuge to separate off the water. The olive oil is then stored in stainless steel tanks. At last before bottling a soft filtering is done.

Medium-high intensity, green and fruity. On flavor we can find the typical aromas of arbequina variety, freshly cut grass, tomato, almonds and green walnuts. In taste it’s pleasantly, quite spicy and sweet, with slight bitterness and astringency. It’s well balanced.

Type: Olive Oil

Variety: 90% arbequina & 10% morrut, farga and rojal

Volume: 500 ml


Airborne Honey Manuka Pollen Count 25+ Honey


Tasting Note: 

For over 100 years, Airborne Honey has produced and packed top quality honey in pollution-free New Zealand which 100% pure and by continuing the tradition of producing only the finest, purest

monofloral, manuka and comb honey products. Now Airborne are No.1 in the NZ market and the fastest growing brand.

Suggest to be a daily wellbeing supplement especially for soothing a sore throat, improving the immune function naturally, recovering mouth ulcers or canker sore, calming digestive symptoms and soothing the upper respiratory illness

Type: Pollen Honey

Pollen Count: 25% pure Manuka pollen

Volume: 500g

Airborne Honey Manuka Pollen Count 25+ Honey

Wine Accessories

VVA has prepared different kinds of wine accessories for you to enjoy a wonderful wine tasting experience at any where, any time. 

Ah-So with Screw Opener


To enjoy vintage fine wines, many wine-lovers may encounter the difficulty of removing old and fragile corks commonly found in vintage bottles, which may be easily damaged if using normal corkscrew. Ah-So wine opener is designed for extracting old wine corks by using a screw-pull motion, without damaging the wine corks at all, meaning you can easily open or re-cork the wines!

Type: Wine Opener

Ah-So with Screw Opener

The Durand Vintage Wine Cork Remover


Perhaps the most sought-after vintage wine cork remover by sommeliers, wine critics and wine-lovers, The Durand® is a broadly patented device that is exceptionally effective removing compromised and fragile corks, whole and intact, from older, valued wines. 

Type: Wine Opener

The Durand Vintage Wine Cork Remover

Italy's Crafted Stemless Wine Glasses


2 stemless wine glasses packs from Italy's renowned glass producers, perfect for home tasting or even picnic, thanks to the convenient design of the wine glass. Easy to store and easy to clean, the must-have wine glasses at home!

Type: Wine Glasses

Bormioli Rocco InAlto Uno Clear Stemless Wine Glass Pack
Luigi Bormioli Atelier Stemless Pinot Noir Red Wine Glass Pack

Vacuvin Wine Saver & Corvain Wine Preserver


The renowned Coravin Wine Preserver is certainly a must-have at homes of wine-lovers and wine geeks, allowing you to pour yourself a glass of fine wine without removing the cork, helping you to preserve your beloved wines for longer time!

If you are looking for a shorter period of preservation for your wine, you should not miss out the Vacuvin Wine Saver, a reliable and consumer-friendly option for household users!

Type: Wine Saver/Preserver

Vacuvin Wine Saver BLACK (1 Pump & 2 Stoppers)
CORAVIN Timeless Three SL (incl. 1 Pure Capsule)
CORAVIN PIVOT Black (incl. 1 Pure Capsule & 2 Pumps)