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The Hong Kong Wine Company

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Developed during Meji Era, Japan's wine industry has grown steadfastly, but no one can deny the absolute charm of traditional sakes, which some producers are even bringing new production methods to create new varieties of sakes, perfecting an already fantastic gem. 

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Kamasuya Junmai EXTRA DRY

岐阜県 房島屋 純米酒 超辛口 

Tasting Note: 

This Junmai is amazing to drink at different temperatures to let its characteristics shine! It is widely recommended to drink chilled, at normal temperature, and even lukewarm (45 ℃), which can make the rice flavours be more intense! 

Type: Junmai 純米酒

Rice Polishing Rate (精米步合)70%

Alcohol Content: 17%

Volume: 720 ml


Echizenmisaki Junmai Genshu PRUNE Sparkling 

福井県 田辺酒造 越前岬 天然梅酵母仕込み 純米原酒 Prune Sparkling

Tasting Note: 

An unbelievable creation from the cooperation between Echizenmisaki and Fukui Prefectural University! This Junmai Genshu is the first sparkling sake to use natural plum (ume) yeast during fermentation, and so you can expect to taste the slight plum flavour derived from yeast. 'Prune' is the French word for 'ume'. It is low in alcohol and easy to drink when chilled!

Type: Junmai Genshu  純米原酒

Rice Polishing Rate (精米步合)70%

Alcohol Content: 12%

Volume: 330 ml


Echizenmisaki Junmai Ginjo「Yamadanishiki」

福井県 田辺酒造 純米吟醸「播州山田錦」

Tasting Note: 

Made from the well-known "Yamada Nishiki" (山田錦) raw rice, this Junmai Ginjo is of pure and enchanting rice ginjo aromas, giving a smooth and delicate mouthfeel.

Type: Junmai Ginjo  純米吟釀

Rice Polishing Rate (精米步合): Kakemai(掛米) 55%, Rice Koji(麴米) 50%

Alcohol Content: 16%

Volume: 720 ml


Echizenmisaki Junmaidaiginjo「Koshi no Shizuku」

福井県 田辺酒造 純米大吟醸「奥越前産 越の雫」

Tasting Note: 

Using Fukui's only sake-brewing-suitable raw rice "Koshi no Shizuku" (越の雫), this Junmai Daiginjo gives you a soft rice aroma and elegant taste. Only produced in 2019, this rare fine Junmai Daiginjo is going to be out of stock! 

Type: Junmai Daiginjo 純米大吟釀

Rice Polishing Rate (精米步合): 50%

Alcohol Content: 16%

Volume: 720 ml