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Voted the Best Italian ​Wine Importer in Hong Kong


Other Countries

VinoVeritas aims to introduce stunning wines from other countries to you...

Click on the icons to access the pages of other countries. On each page, you will be able to see the wineries and wines, or other alcoholic beverage from that country, while we also aim to introduce more exciting and popular items! 

You can also choose to purchase items through our newly added E-commerce function! 


Largest producer in South America, Argentina is best known for its best-valued Bordeaux blend wines and most notably, the Malbec grape that impresses wine-lovers with its power and finesse. 


A long, narrow strip of land facing the Pacific, the weather and geographical features of Chile make it standing out among many new world wine-producing countries! Closer inland, to the east, is the hotter and drier heartland of the Aconcagua Valley, where red varieties flourish. The region then stretches out west to the coast where the climate is tempered by cool ocean breezes, where some of the best white wines of Chile are made.


It is impossible to ignore France when talking about wines from the Old World, and VinoVeritas is also proud to offer our customers excellent Champagnes and other wines produced in France. 


Apart from beer, Germany has gained much fame for the high qualities of its Riesling, Sekt and even Gewürztraminer, while many hidden gems are waiting for your discovery, even red wines made from the unheard grape varieties! 


Japan is now better known for its thriving wine industry and popular Koshu Wine, but its sakes are already well-known around the world, even developing new production methods to bring sake to a new level.

New Zealand

Being one of the premier New World wine-making countries, New Zealand captures the spotlight with its excellent Sauvignon Blanc that reflects the sunshine, clean air and amazing climate of the country. 


Despite the many famous wines and wineries in Spain, the winery Celler de Capçanes stands out with its Kosher wine, which has been a huge success. Located in the southern part of Priorat, people in Capçanes have a long history of winemaking. 

United Kingdoms

Gaining international spotlight gradually for its excellent and best-valued Sparkling wines, the UK is now a new rising star in the arena of sparkling wines production, and Sussex even has similar chalky soil to that of the Champagne region in France. However, the dry still white wines from the UK are also something to look for!